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Nyauchi & Company was founded in 1983 and has provided thirty-six years of quality legal service to Kenyans living in Kenya, Kenyans living abroad, and citizens of the world dealing with Kenya and Kenyans. The Firm gives you the comfort that comes with experience and the innovation that’s tied to youth. Our aim is to create legal engines that aid you in your journeys through life and business by nurturing relationships, resolving disputes, and ensuring seamless transactions.

A brush with the law does not have to be the cold fist of fate or the stern face of justice but can contain the steadfast nurture of friendship. We understand that every relationship is unique with a character determined as much by the personality of the participants as by the goals that have brought them together. With this in mind our first goal is to get to know you, our client, your motivations and ends, your history and vision. In this way the services we provide you can truly become about us.

Our Services

We are a general practice law firm with vast experience in dispute resolution, corporate, commercial, and conveyancing law

A person’s journey through life may be tracked as a series of interactions with law. This comes in the form of regulation by government, interactions with fellow citizens, and the creation of institutions and relationships. As soon as the ink is dry on a birth certificate the next quill is being dipped and readied and the process repeated again and again. In a life there are contracts to be entered both employment and business, partnerships to be formed both economic and personal, transactions to be negotiated both complex and simple, and disputes to be resolved both drawn out and easily settled. When the person being referred to is a legal entity then the number, frequency, and necessity of such transactions changes sometimes by an order of magnitude.

Our services then are to provide counsel at the junctures of these interactions. The multiplicity of forms that such interactions take cannot be exhaustively listed however the most common sectors we practice in are:

Dispute Resolution

We have experience handling dispute resolutions in all forums and for all purposes. Whether it is a mediation between two commercial partners with an eye towards a continued relationship, a labour dispute that ends up before the Courts, or enforcement of implied and explicit contractual terms.

Like a good doctor we will pursue the non-invasive approaches of dialogue and open communication but where necessary swiftly couple them with the surgical precision required to have a dispute attended to by an independent arbiter.

Corporate & Commercial Law

We will help you navigate the legal landscape that overlays economic endeavours. We can advise on and create the most suitable business entity to house your ambitions and provide the structure and agreements necessary to turn this into a multi-roomed mansion with equity share and multiple partners or keep it a cosy room under the captainship of one. We will also create contracts specific and responsive to yourself and your industry. Agreements designed not only to protect you but to ensure that the relationships you enter into as part of your business are enduring and long-lasting.

Probate & Estate Administration

The loss of a loved one is often accompanied by the administrative and bureaucratic maze that is the administration of their estate. We have vast experience in the necessaries and particulars involved in this process and are ready to lift this burden off your shoulder during this trying time.

Personal Injury Law.

We have experience in resolving disputes that arise as a result of human error. The responsible thing to do in case of an accident is to have a determination of who is at fault. This has the two-fold effect of providing data for shifts in policy that mean less accidents happen in the future and providing a measure of compensation to those affected by accidents now. Contact us if you have been the victim of an accident.

Conveyancing and Property Law

“the search for a place to live and a place to work was the common fate of all mankind.”- Roberto Bolano.

The ownership of land is about a sense of belonging and the feeling of security that comes out of that. The transfer of land is an act of faith, a statement of belief in the words and actions of the other.

Land transactions are many times the most important ones a person has been involved in. it is important while engaging in these statements of belief to have assurances of action. Trust us to ensure that what you buy is what you get and that you’re paid for what you’re selling.

Constitutional and Administrative Law

This is the arena of disputes with the government. In situations where rights have been unfairly withheld, decisions improperly made, or property infringed upon by a governmental body the seat of redress is the High Court of Justice. We have had experience litigating on a number of such matters including a case that saw the declaration of 10 th October as Moi Day pending parliamentary action.

Intellectual Property Law

We are your firm of choice if you have questions ranging from the rights held in a line of code, the structures of ownership in the bridge of a song, the usage and protection of images, the protections necessary when you’ve made a breakthrough in technology, the obligations owed to the writer of a blog post, and the myriad other legal mechanisms that exist to ensure that the artists and scientists of our world can keep creating art and advancing science.

Employment and Labour Relations.

A labyrinth of laws guide the relations between employers and employees. Whichever side of the equation you fall on it is necessary to know what rights are owed, what obligations expected, what procedure to follow in different circumstances, and what recourse exists in case of a grievance. We provide legal guidance on these and all other aspects of Employment and Labour Relations Law.

Our People

 The legal services are provided by Felix Useru Nyauchi and Gragory Oriaro Nyauchi in conjunction with various support staff dealing with the administration and logistics required to solve your legal problems. We are further supported by a network of associates, advocates, and colleagues allowing us to provide service across and beyond the country.

Hon. Felix Useru Nyauchi


Hon. Felix Useru Nyauchi signed the roll of advocates in 1980. After his admission he worked as an associate at Archer and Wilcox Advocates. While there he trained in the drafting of contracts, conveyancing transactions, commercial law, and dispute resolution. This provided a firm foundation from which to form the firm of Nyauchi and Company in the year 1983.

He has practised at Nyauchi and Company since that date. In 1997 he was elected as the Member of Parliament for Gwassi Constituency (later renamed to Suba South.) in his legislative career he had the honour to serve on the Energy and Environment Committees. In addition to the 39 years of legal practice under his belt there are an extra 5 years of parliamentary service. Providing him with the unique ability to understand legal problems only open to a person who has straddled both sides of the law.


Combined legal experience.

Gragory Oriaro Nyauchi


Gragory was admitted to the practice of law in 2015. He practised for a year with Sichangi Partners Advocates learning the ropes of litigation, conveyancing, and commercial law in a structure where most of the work was done on behalf of corporate clients. He moved to Mbaabu M’Inoti and Company Advocates in Meru and while there his focus on the practice of law was instead on individuals and families. In both working environments an emphasis on delivery and communication with clients was emphasised, the philosophy being if you treat the people you work for like friends then you will enjoy your work.


He began practising in the firm of Nyauchi and Company in the year 2017. Here he has been able to apply the lessons from his past work experience and grow under the guidance of the senior partner. The same year he joined the firm he instituted, prosecuted, and brought to conclusion the public interest matter that led to the re- instatement of the celebration of Moi Day as a public holiday.

How we Work


We Listen

Legal solutions are not one size fits all. Like a tailor we have in our possession the right fabric to drape your interests in and like a tailor we know that we have to take stock of the particular person that comes to us for help. We do this by knowing every inch of your issue.

We Customise

Taking into account the law and the special set of circumstances that have created the need for legal counsel we will create a wardrobe of options that can tackle the problem facing you.

We Advise

Some legal options are more equal than others. Depending on a number of factors such as the goal of the legal solution, the importance of maintaining relationships, the necessity to maintain brand equity, current government policies, your strategic goals and alignment with them we advise on which of our solutions is most equal to the task facing you.

We Build

long-term relationships with our clients. The solutions we provide are very client-centric and we work hard to ensure you receive what you expect so that when you want more you know exactly where to get it.

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